Finn O'Brien Crime Thrillers

His call to protect the People means championing justice for all 


Two children and their nanny are slaughtered in the home of a wealthy couple. When shunned detective, Finn O'Brien, catches the call, his investigation could finally end his career — or his life.




 When a foreign woman jumps to her death on a busy freeway, two countries want their secrets buried with the body. Finn O'Brien refuses to look the other way even knowing they would happily bury him too.



 Finn O'Brien tracks a serial killer preying on L.A.'s undocumented young men.He soon discovers that politics and prejudice may be as deadly as the brutal killer he has sworn to stop.



 A beautiful, young woman lies dead in the home of an eccentric artist. As Finn hunts her killer, he finds himself in a surreal world where the deadliest relationships are the most intimate.


"Perfect... Impossible to put down."

CBS Legal Correspondent

Discover the gritty criminal  cases that impact L.A.'s most vulnerable populations

Finn O'Brien is the Cop with a Conscience

His Duty to Protect and Serve the People Means Championing Justice for All 


Binge-worthy.  Thrillers by USA Today Bestselling author Rebecca Forster have entertained over 3 million readers, received top pick for audible editions, and topped the Amazon bestseller lists for both the United States and the United Kingdom.

The Relations Series

Finn O'Brien Crime Thrillers


Finn O'Brien came to the United States at seventeen. His heart is still in Ireland, but his destiny is now rooted in the shadowy, forgotten neighborhoods of Los Angeles. 

A man of faith, a detective with a conscience, he is a pariah among his fellow officers after protecting a man from the rage of a rogue officer. Still nothing will stop him from doing his job.

Along with his partner, Cori Anderson, a single mother of a teenaged single mother, Finn takes on the micro-communities of Los Angeles to champion the vulnerable and stand up to the privileged no matter what the cost.