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YOU'RE INVITED to join my ARC Angels team of review readers.

As an 'angel' you'll receive a digital copy of my books before anyone else. When you're finished reading, you'll leave honest reviews on your favorite book sites and mention the book on social media. 

BETWEEN BOOKS, I'll pop into this closed group with behind the scenes looks at my research, travel, family (don't tell them), and other fun stuff. 

SPACE IS LIMITED so check out the rules, fill out a short form, and join my ARC Angels today.



Two sisters separated by circumstance and age

are reunited by. murder.

What are the rules?

  • You will be sent a digital link for my new books no more than twice a year (contact me if you'd like to review a back-list book).

  • Reviews must be posted on at least one verifiable site,

  • An Amazon review is mandatory (other sites include GoodReads, BookBub, Nook, iBooks, FB readers groups, etc.)

  • A form will be provided  after publication for verifiable review links. Return the form within 2 weeks.

  • An ARC Angel will be removed if, after two books, he/she neglects to leave verified reviews or post in a timely manner.

  • Interaction on any Rebecca Forster's ARC Angel sites or threads must always be polite and respectful.

  • No promotion of other authors is allowed on any Rebecca Forster ARC Angels site or threads.

The Rules

What kind of e-reader do I need?

Any reading device will work whether it is a dedicated e-reader, your computer, or pad. I will send you a link to the file and you can choose your preferred format.

How long do I have to read & post?

  • You'll receive your book link at least a month in advance of the publication date.

  • You will be required to post reviews no later than two weeks after that date.

  • Ideally, you will be able to post before and/or on the date of publication.

  • All sites EXCEPT Amazon will allow you to publish and recommend my book before publication.

  • AMAZON will only accept reviews after publication. If you post on Amazon without purchasing the book your review will be considered 'unverified'. If you wish to be a verified reviewer, you can purchase a preorder which will always be priced at $.99. This is not a requirement.

posting time
Posting Time
Wrte a review

How do I write a review?

  • Don't stress

  • Have fun

  • Keep it simple

  • Write from the heart

  • Be specific (great characters, exciting plot, writer's style)

  • If you write about the story, don't give away the ending

  • Above all, be honest.

How do I sign up?

Fill out the form, agree to the rules, and click submit. You address and birthday are not required, but there will be times when I'll send special treats to ARC Angels.  Your information will never be shared. Watch your e-mail for the book link!


Sign up
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